IBY Blaufränkisch organic wine filled BACHHALM bar chocolate 70g


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Excellent bar of the finest cocoa chocolate from multiple world champion Johannes Bachhalm with organic wine filling from IBY.

75% cocoa content

Quality and sustainability on principle

Bachhalm chocolates are made from 100% sustainably grown cocoa. For this purpose, only the finest cocoa varieties from the best growing regions, ten degrees of latitude north and south of the equator, are selected by Maître Chocolatier Johannes Bachhalm. However, Bachhalm praline creations and chocolates are much more than the perfect symbiosis of noble ingredients, they are Choco Culture made in Austria.

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IBY bar of fine chocolate with fine wine filling
BACHHALM 75% cocoa, IBY Blaufränkisch organic wine filled
chocolate bar 70g

Bachhalm Schokolademanufaktur GmbH Kirchdorf/OÖ

Cocoa: 75% in the dark chocolate; net weight 70g.
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, 27% Iby Blaufränkisch wine.
Alc. 13 vol% (contains SULFITES), glycose syrup, emulsifier (lecithins from soy),
Contains: Soybeans (lecithins), protect from heat, store in a cool dry place 16-18°C;

Since 1928, the “sweet knowledge” and noble craftsmanship has been passed down from one generation to the next in the Bachhalm house. Maître Chocolatier Johannes F. Bachhalm virtuously combines this tradition with innovative impulses to create unique creations. Bachhalm praline mixtures and chocolates have already received numerous prizes and awards – most recently at the 3rd International Confectionery Competition, where Bachhalm emerged as the overall winner in its division and was crowned national and European champion.


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