unvarnished unmistakable unique

IBY stands for cross-generational enjoyment of wine.

Where unique grape varieties, hard manual work, mineral clay soils, and the full power of the sun meet, incomparable wines can be created. Our wines are unique pieces crafted by hand. What viticulture is for us: nature, craftsmanship, and the love of wine. Wine is captured sunshine, as well as the expression of the soil and varieties of grape.

Our style

We Ibys have developed our own style and reflect the unadulterated characteristics of the grape variety, soil, climate and vintage. The results are elegant, fruity, smooth, red wines with a real finesse. To your health. The Iby family

virtual tour of our tasting area

Take a virtual tour of our tasting area, and on the upper floor, discover a large seminar room with wonderful views of our vineyard.

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