Taste IBY – 5-course tasting menu

Taste IBY – 5-course tasting menu

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5-course tasting menu with award-winning chef Thomas Fuchs from Weppersdorf


including wine tasting with the current range of wines and IBY rarities.


The price includes all drinks from aperitif to digestif Let yourself be enchanted by an extra-class menu with award-winning chef Thomas and service by Astrid Fuchs. The Gasthaus Fuchs refreshes the palate with imaginative cuisine and a lot of passion for the well-being of the guests. Awarded by Gault & Millau, the craftsmanship is rooted in the love of regionality and authenticity. Famous for well-kept family recipes based around Pannonian specialties such as the Blunze, everything revolves around the noticeable subtleties. Consciously take your time, leave everyday life outside. Enjoy to the fullest and let us spoil you with culinary delights. The menu is accompanied by the excellent organic wines from IBY. These are commented on in an instructive way by wine academic Anton Markus and entertainingly presented by Eva Maria Iby.


Looking forward to your coming:


Astrid & Thomas Fuchs as well as the



Anton & Eva Maria Iby

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