IBY RIEDEL Decanter Curly Pink “Lady”


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IBY Curly Pink Lady Set
A package contains a decanter and 3 times Cuvée Zweigelt/Merlot vintage 2018 quality wine from Austria dry 0,75l

Decanter design year 2013
Volume 1400.0 ccm
Height 265.0 mm
Carton quantity 1.0
Type of manufacture handmade / finalized by hand

Material crystal glass


The decanter is handmade. Please wash only by hand.

  • To avoid scratches, avoid direct contact with other glass or metal.
  • To avoid stains, use soft water (low mineral content).
  • To remove stains, use white vinegar. Wash the glass under warm water (use detergent and rinse thoroughly).
  • Glass polishing: use two cloths, never hold the glass by the bottom plate to polish the goblet!
  • Storage: never store the glass in kitchen cabinets as flavors can transfer to the glass.

Tea towels

Boil them with odorless soap (to kill bacteria).
Never use fabric softener when rinsing your dish towels (to avoid a greasy film on the surface).








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