IBY „Blaufränkisch“ Tasting package Rosé, Classic, Hochäcker, Chevalier, Quintus, Dürrau Öster. Qualitätswein AT-BIO-401


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a series of IBY organic wines – unmistakably fruity, spicy, expressive with finesse and elegance.


6 bottles of IBY organic wines:

Rosé Blaufränkisch
Blaufränkisch Classic
Ried Hochäcker Blaufränkisch
Chevalier Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland DAC
Quintus Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland DAC
Dürrau Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland DAC

1 grape variety, 6 different wines – taste the unique fruity wines in one package.
3 vintages – 3 sites: Hochäcker, Dürrau, Gfanger = 6 wines, a great taste experience

Only a short time at a sensational price !!!




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