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In the middle of the red wine village of Horitschon lies the vinery Iby. Since the introduction of the origin name Mittelburgenland DAC we placed on a biological management form, because the wine should also taste originally.

For this incomparable taste were the back meditation on a management without herbicides and synthetic plant protection agents, as well as no application of artificial fertilizers compelling inevitably. Instead, we placed on Nützlinge in the vineyard and the application of pheromone technology. The nutrients are supplied in natural manner by high-quality cattle dung compost.

Hence, he has become Blue-Frankish our leading kind, because this the profound heavy mucky ground and the mild pannonische climate best of all wiederspiegelt. This wine distinguishes itself by his clean distinctive Brombeer-and Kirschfruchtigkeit. Minerally, earthy spice stamps his punish, slender still elegant harmonious body.

By the application of the big wooden barrel, the old Austrian tradition, it is "without makeup" possibly this independent character and is unmistakeable to produce.

Hence, we placed on bio-cultivation, because the wine should so taste as he grows and less like he fermented in the cellar and ausgebort becomes. A careful processing and Vinifikation is still necessary, so that the naturalness is preserved in the wine. 

IBY BioRotweingut GmbH
AmBlaufränkischweg 3
A-7312 Horischon
Phone: +43 (0) 2610 42292
Fax: +43 (0) 2610 42292 90

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr 9h-12h + 13h30-17h
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