Energy from the Vineyard

The Iby family’s winery is located in the model organic community of Horitschon in the heart of “Blaufränkischland”
The Iby Winery is currently in the process of converting to certified organic viticulture. This is a unique and authentic environment which yields wines that are just as inimitable. The Ibys’ efforts were acknowledged by the distinction of Falstaff Champion for Quintus 2006. Organic cultivation is a matter of philosophy. Pioneering work has laid the foundation for new possibilities which include responsible care for the environment.

Energy from the Vineyards

The old vine canes from the previous year are pruned and collected to be shred in a mulcher to 4-6 cm pieces. Natural energy is thus sourced from the vineyard. After a short drying period, the vine pieces are burned in the winery’s own biomass power plant. This highly efficient energy is the source of heating for the entire winery and three additional households.

The pruned vine material from 35 hectares is enough for the entire heating season. The material from one hectare can be compared to 500 litres of heating oil. The ash contains the valuable soil nutrients phosphorus and potassium and is composted with cow dung for two years and spread in the vineyards in autumn after the harvest. This valuable fertilizer is returned to the soil, completing the ecological cycle.

Energy from the vineyards

“We would like to give back to nature, so it can continue to give to our children,” explain Evan and Anton Iby V their conscientious management of resources. “This valuable fertilizer nourishes our vineyards in a natural way. We simply return nutrients to the vineyard from where they came, providing energy for vine growth.”

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