IBY RIEDEL Curly Pink “Lady” Decanter

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IBY Curly Pink Lady Set

Each set contains one decanter and three 0.75 l bottles of dry Cuvée Zweigelt/Merlot 2018 Austrian Qualitätswein

Decanter’s year of design 2013
Volume 1400 cm3
Height 265.0 mm
Box number 1.0
Manufacturing method handmade / hand-finished
Material Crystal glass

THE RIGHT CARE The decanter is handmade, and therefore should only be washed by hand.

  • To prevent scratches, direct contact with other glass or metal should be avoided.
  • To prevent stains, wash up using soft water (low mineral content).
  • To remove stains, clean with white vinegar. Wash the glass with warm water (use dish soap and rinse the glass thoroughly).
  • Polishing the glass: Use two towels. Never hold the glass by the base to polish the goblet.
  • Storage: Never store the glass in kitchen cupboards as the glass may pick up other aromas.

Dish towels

  • Boil these with odourless soap to destroy bacteria.
  • Never use fabric softener when rinsing your dish towels (to prevent a layer of fat forming on the surface layer).





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